Fan Mail! Part 1

While I do not get much actual mail from my fans I get plenty of comments online. Today I am going to highlight some of these for our pleasure. Please enjoy the following video.

Feel free to check out my artwork from the video here:mohamed













Also check out the profiles of those featured in this video!


David Johnson aka “The Man Afraid of People Standing Still”
Canelo aka “Homophobic man who likes to kill black people for fun”

The Umbrella of Doom

Back when we used to make videos all the time, this little gem came into creation. We basically had a camera and dug through the back of Jesse’s car for other props and threw this puppy together. The original version which is lost to time itself had severe audio problems which is why there is now voiceovers.

Catch it on YouTube after the break…

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Ian Plays – BS Zelda, Ancient Stone Tablets – Part 1

I think the title says it all, check out the video action above!

Alright I should finally edit this thing and let you all know what it up.

I have been wanting to do videos of me playing games for some time now but have never before put the effort in to make it happen. After playing around with FRAPS and Hypercam a bunch I think I finally getting more comfortable putting these together. Still not 100% but I will be able to get at least some of these posted.

This first game was a Japanese only release. A lot of people were asking me what it was so I decided instead of trying to explain it I would include a video from someone who already does an excellent job describing what this is about which was also my inspiration for downloading this game. Below that is a link to see this video on YouTube. Enjoy!

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