The return of GGP

Anyone who has known me for more than a year more than likely has heard of the ill-fated Immortalis Tyranus. What you may not know is, behind that name was a less heard of name, I-productions. I-productions was the name of the “company” behind all of my works. The name that would someday make me famous. Alas, those dreams were shattered. Well, not really.

Actually “I-productions” simply changed its name to “Green Glasses Productions.” Something more original that would have meaning to only me. Some time after this Immortalis Tyranus and all of its glory was shut down. It was all for the better though, all of the original contributors left me hanging with the whole thing on my shoulders and I could not keep it up alone. So, away it went.

Anyways, I kinda got out of the ol’ web thing for a while and enjoyed life a bit, only attempting web design again every off and on.

That is all about to change though. You see, now I have this huge amount of free time until the spring. I only work in the mornings, and everyone else is at school all day. So that leaves me to sit around doing nothing all day. Anyways, you have probably guessed where this is going already so I might as well just say it.

GGP has returned!!!!

Yes, I am working on it right now, there is a new design, a new format, and only one person working on it. Plus, the content will actually be much better, and more useful that IT could have ever hoped it to be.

Yeah, more details within’ the next hour.

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