Big Update?

Since I haven’t updated this journal in a LONG time. I will update you all on what has been happening with me.

Let’s see. I guess some of the last stuff I posted was from back when I broke up with Kat.

Well, I ended up dating Kim for a long time. We dated for roughly two years. The relationship broke down eventually and we parted ways.

I work for Pizza Hut now, I worked in the kitchen at East Lansing for almost two years but I am now Assistant Manager out in Okemos. It is a pretty fun job, but the people there suck, big time.

I don’t have my car anymore, after many attempted repairs it has finally broke down to the point of no-repair. Sadly I am required to have a car for my job, so I must find a new one as soon as possible.

I am not dating anyone at the moment, though I would like to be dating. It is just not an option for me. I neither have the money for a relationship nor do i have the good looks or charm to seduce any ladies out there. Someday though, I am will be back in the game, I can feel it.

Still going with the music, I am trying to learn guitar these days, which is going slow. I really want to get a band together but so far can not find anyone else as serious about music as I. Which is sad. But oh well, that is life.

I live in an apartment now with my friend JD. We live in Hiddentree Apartments in East Lansing. It quite fun. We have finally started [tpts] Studios and have a couple film projects in the works. Check out Green Glasses Productions and give our podcast a listen.

Hmm, not sure what else to say, I am sure I will think of stuff eventually.

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