Lately I have been doing really well. Which rocks.

Here are some more goals for me in the coming year or so.

1. Actually get my website going. It has been up for a year straight now and I have done little to nothing with it. Maybe it is something to do with my ambition with it. Maybe I just suck. I need to get the main page how I want it and start getting regular content up. This will be easier after I accomplish goal number two.

2. Put Green Glasses Productions back on the map. It was never on the map to start with but at least there was a time when people knew what it was and were willing to be a part of it. I need to get a new video camera. I am thinking even another cheap one would do the trick for a while. I would really like to eventually get some nice equipment. At least a weekly video of some sort would be ideal. Even if it is terrible.

3. Get back on the DDR diet. It is the only diet/exercise plan that has ever worked for me. It consisted of eating whatever I wanted as long as I played at least a few games of DDR a day. Yes, this is not a cheap option and it probably only worked the first time because I was 18. I want to give it another shot though, I love DDR and it is worth the money even if I don’t loose weight. Also if I don’t loose weight it would still get me more fit. I could use a boost in stamina.

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