The Drew Show, Part 2

I have made every attempt to ignore the existence of my ex-best friend/existential warrior Drew.

It seems that every time he does something funny I of course hear about it. So I have decided to stop fighting it. Our messiah friend will be a part of my life whether I like him to be or not.

So this morning I got a very hilarious voicemail forwarded to me from Kim. I guess Drew has recently gained the ability to see how people die, and he let Kim know how I was going to go.

In about a year, there will be a zombie outbreak on earth. I will be the very first person to die in this outbreak! That is pretty amazing news to me. Even if a zombie outbreak did happen, which it won’t, I am pretty sure I would end up being a long-term survivor. Even if I was the first to die, that would be a pretty sweet way to go. How many people can say they were the FIRST person to die from a zombie attack, just one, and that is me 😀

I have noticed a trend with Drew though, all of his visions coincide with movies and pop-culture. Which is funny. Here is the list that I know of.

He has an aphid in his head giving him orders, as in the movie Bug.

He believes in a multi-dimensional universe in the way of the show Sliders.

Angels talk to him at night, they have the voices of Ninja Turtles.

There will be a zombie outbreak on earth, countless movies tackle this issue.

Seems there are some I am missing here, but who knows. Drew is in my life now and about once a day I get a nice slice of humor thrown my way from his direction. It saddens me a bit to see him so far gone, but at the same time he would never feel bad for anyone else so nobody should really feel bad for him, mental disorder or not.

(Oh, and if you have sprint, I would love to forward that voicemail to you. 😀 )

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