Happy Halloween

I am pretty sick, it sucks. I am pretty sure this is the first stage to my eventual decline into full zombie-nitis. In any case, my sinus’ have cleared up and now I am loosing my voice/coughing up a massive amount of flem. w00t!

But how is my life lately? Pretty good.

Olivia is now officially living with us, which is good and bad all at once. Good in the fact that I get to see her a lot and cuddle with her every night when i drift off to sleep. Bad in the way that I now have absolutely zero personal space in my life.

Work has been going fine, I think I am going to keep my job for a little while at least. Tami and Doug have been fighting like ex-lovers lately and I feel like the bastard child stuck in-between.

The film selection committee for the East Lansing Film Festival has been going good, I reviewed my first batch and picked up 10 more. There are a lot of duds being filtered out but I think we are going to have a good show this year. I love the film festival.

Hmmm… what else. I don’t know, I just woke up. I will post something else later perhaps. Off to cough up a lung, away!

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