Money Woes..

There is not an ounce of logical thinking when it comes to banks.

I try to be careful with my spending because I know if I go over I am facing hundreds of dollars in overdraft charges. The last time I spent money on my account I had 15 dollars in it, I spent twelve and haven’t touched my debit card in weeks. I have cashed a check since then with no problem. Yet today when I tried to cash another check I was somehow in the hole. They said that when I spent 12.71 two weeks ago I only had an even 12 in my account, so they just recently decided to take more money out to fuck me.

Is there a bank that runs on computers so that transactions may show up quicker than two weeks? I mean they show up, but then they are removed and re-added a few times until your account is empty. It is the dumbest fucking bullshit ever.

As a result I am going back to paying cash for everything from now on, I am tired of banks being cock-whores who can’t use a computer to save their lives. With the billions of dollars you have and are now getting from us taxpayers banks, upgrade to at least 1970s technology and by a computer. Fucktards.

Also, I forgot to clock out one day last week and now my paycheck is 50-70 dollars lighter than it should be. Gar.

Hopefully I get that cleared up before next Friday, or else I am eating only potatoes until then. Go America!

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