Green Glasses Weekly – Episode 1 – Walk in the Rain


Hello All! Thanks for reading this page and hopefully listening to the podcast. Green Glasses Weekly is a new podcast from Green Glasses Productions. It is about everything and nothing. However if you like music and some strange man talking about things you probably don’t care about then this is the place to hear it!

I hope I can provide this show for  you every week as much as I hope somebody out there takes the time to listen.

Here is some of what you will here in this ol’ podcast.

Freezepop – Duct Tape My Heart
What a great song! I sincerely suggest you check out Freezepop’s online store. They just released a new album and have that plus tons of goodies available. Of course you can also buy their previous albums. It is good stuff so please go spend some money!

The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me
If you are tired of the traditional depressing music that most indie bands seem to put out you should really check out The Boy Least Likely To. They even have a free track available on their site right now for the holidays!

Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts – Rain
If you have not watched Cowboy Bebop you are depriving yourself of not only a great anime but one of the best science fiction series ever created. Yoko Kanno does some great soundtrack work on a lot of anime but this song is one of my favorites ever. It is even greater in the context of the show.

Please go download this plus 4 other great games from you will be grateful you did!

If you want to be on the show or have suggestions for me. Please leave me a message at +1(517)325-3771 or email me

Thanks for listening!


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