The Most Terrifying Shed Ever…

So I said I was going to do it and I was not kidding.

This photo is of my little sister Teddy as she is about to walk in to the shed. I was at my Mom’s house I am thinking sometime in the summer. My two friends Joe and Jon Brandt were both with us as well. For some reason my mom thought we should show them the camper that we have in the Shed being stored. We didn’t have a flashlight at the time and it was very dark out. I was using my camera’s flash to light the way. Somehow the entire event was very creepy. None of us wanted to go into the shed in the dark, I have always been a little afraid of the dark and that shed at night is a pretty scary place. In the end it turned out to be sort of a daring contest trying to get each other to go in first. Teddy was obviously the one who manned up and went in.

That is the story how I remember it. It could be totally wrong, but I think that is just about how it went.

Ian Posting? Woah…

So yeah, I don’t think I have posted to any of my journals in quite a long time now.

So here is a quick update on my current situation.

I am currently living in Olivet, Michigan with my mom, my sister, my step-dad, and occasionally my two step-brothers.

I do not have a job, but have been looking for one quite a bit. There are not very many jobs out here and it is incredibly hard for me to fit in with the locals. Which makes getting the rare job opening even harer yet.

I don’t have internet at home, which is why I have not been online in forever-and-a-half. But I do occasionally check my stuff at the library (on maybe a bi-monthly basis.)

In my massive amounts of free time I usually watch tons of movies, write music on the old PC, or just sleep.

It is kind of nice being with my mom and sister a lot though, I never spent much time with them growing up since my dad always had custody of me. It is nice to get to know my family a bit better.

I really want to go to school soon, but my options are pretty limited. I am going to try to get a student loan and go back to LCC I think. KCC is closer but much smaller and doesn’t offer the classes I want. So I think I will go to LCC and then transfer to a 4 year school somewhere.

Being away from the world sucks.

If any of you ever feel like talking, I do keep minutes on my phone these days. 517-214-4854. Though you will probably have to leave a message with your number as I generally only answer it for important calls. But I would most definately get back to you.

And I am out. 😀