17 Years…

17 Years.

It was 17 years ago that I started Green Glasses Productions. I know because I picked the year 2000 for the sole purpose of having a really easy year to remember as the founding of the company. The goal at the time was simple, find a name that I could use to release creative works online, something that I would own and control. Up until that point every project I worked on was a collaboration between me and other friends. The most infamous at that point was “Immortalis Tyranus” which, to be honest, may have been the most successful website I have ever worked on.

The name originated from a photo I took during a sophomore year science class in High School of a pair of paper light diffusing glasses that we were using to demonstrate the different wavelengths of light. They were green, as you might expect, and the photo was taken on my first digital camera which had a whopping resolution of 1 whole mega-pixel (at the time this was pretty cool.) It seemed like a nice palatable name that would be easy to remember and would likely offend nobody. Plus, nobody was using it yet so that was a bonus too.

The original Green Glasses
Since then I have not done much with the name or the company. In fact I still have not even incorporated the company officially in any legal way yet. Sure there have been a few small videos that I have made that I attached the name too as well as a “weekly” podcast that got upwards of a few listeners. Nothing of note in the end though. I also have written similar posts to this one many times before.

So what is different now? Nothing really, other than it is once again a new year and I feel, once again that I should really start to work on this company. Seventeen years of stagnation is enough time to really think about my ideas and bottle up some good ones. What would it take, though, for me to consider the amount of effort I put into this company to be appropriate? Let me lay out the guidelines now for what I will need to do to be satisfied with this project over the next year.

1. Officially incorporate company

This is a big one as I have found that legally it is hard to take payments online without having an actual company to send those payments too. I cannot take donations on Youtube and I cannot cash out ad revenue for my site. (unless someone out there wants to point out something that I may be missing.) Plus this will give me a modicum of legal protection from other people who are using similar names for their company. Yes, I am fairly certain that if anyone ever took me to court I have sufficient records showing that I have been using “Green Glasses Productions” since the year 2000, however, getting that in a legal document will help.

2. Get Producing

An obvious one. You cannot have productions without actually producing something. For most of the time this company has been around I have mostly been quietly producing ideas in my head and not doing anything with them. Which I would say, does not really count at all.

With this bullet point I would like to get on a production schedule. My main issue with releasing things I work on is I am never happy with the quality of the content I produce. I have, in the past, dabbled in just releasing a mountain of garbage in order to get myself into just making a lot of content and I want to return to that. I already have a couple of “test” episodes of shows I was working on recorded and half edited. I never intended to release those as they were more or less designed to try to figure out my formatting but I think I will just throw them out to the wild soon and then follow up with more content as fast as I can. One piece of advice I seem to see given over and over again by successful creators is to just keep working and improving. If I am not actually releasing anything or working on new projects I will never improve. But if I shift to constantly working on things and releasing them I will surely become much more skilled soon.

3. Defy Evil

When Google founded it had a famous motto of “Don’t Be Evil”. A motto that is pretty funny considering the company Google has grown up to be but a noble motto for them to start with. I would like to take this a step further and I am happy to announce the new motto of Green Glasses Productions.

“Defy Evil and Have Fun”

It is a variation of the ubiquitous GLHF that is popular amongst anyone who participates in online gaming but with my own twist. Evil is subjective of course so I may have to give an official company definition of evil at some point for clarification but I think for now this should be fairly simple to understand.

There is an increasing amount of evil in the world and it has always been my goal to stop it wherever it festers.

4. ???

5. Profit

Someday I will figure out that 4th step and find a way to make money while doing what I love. Until that day comes I will have to be happy making money educating people about technology. Which is my day job and the most satisfying one of those I have ever had. Which I hope is actually a plus. Many times when I have started the process of buckling down on creativity I was doing it from a very dark place. I am now as far out of the darkness as I have likely ever been in my life. So I hope I can use the light and spread it through GGP. I will love it if anyone wants to join me on this quest but I don’t want to obligate anyone into doing so. I have no problem going this alone forever. If you like the work I do in the coming year and you want to be a warrior of light with me, then let me know. Otherwise I hope you all have a great 2017!

Dreams, Art, Passion.

The other night I had something of a profound dream, maybe.

I know a lot of people look at dreams as random bouts of brain activity that causes a strange mix of weirdness throughout the night. This is not how I look at them. Dreams are look into our own consciousness. To me consciousness is the essence of life itself, making dreams very important to me. So when I tell you about a strange dream it is not just because I think it would be entertaining for you to read, writing my dreams down and letting your read them is a way for me to try to unravel their meaning and perhaps get a few other opinions.

So I was at home, my current home. In my room. My room in the dream is the only part of the house that is different than how the house actually is in real life. The room is actually the room I lived in when my parents first moved to East Lansing. I am in bed and there is a strange noise coming out of my closet.

Of course, I investigate. I find in the closet a bird, not a bird that I recognize or one that you would really see around the neighborhood, so of course I find that strange. The bird is hurt, its wing is injured and it is having a hard time walking. It looks up at me as if asking for help. I cannot really describe the feeling I had at this moment. It was almost like I connected with the bird as if it was a friend I had known for years I felt extremely sad about the creatures state of being. I had to help it.

I did what I could to mend its wounds and find it food from throughout the house. The creature did not act like a bird, it never got scared or tried to fight me, it let me hold it with no problem and and trusted me to help it. When I was done feeding the bird I decided I would let it go, so I took it outside.

We were sitting outside the back door to the house and I put the animal down on the steps, it then looked up at me and began to speak. It talked in a british accent and was very well spoken. I don’t remember exactly what it said but I do remember that it thanked me. He then let me pet him and stroke his beak. It was very heartfelt and I almost cried. The amount of emotion I had during this dream was intense. There was just something about that bird.

I woke up.

I have been going over this dream over and over again in my head, trying to make sense of it. I am thinking that this bird was some kind of spirit animal for me. I have been so out of tune with my spiritual side lately that it was trapped in the closet waiting for me to release it and mend its wounds. Now it is free. If that is what actually transpired then it was a very important moment.

There is a chance that I am looking to much into this. It seemed very important while I dreamt it though.

A sigh of relief…

I slept immensely good last night, probably the first real good night of sleep I have had in a long time.

I don’t know the exact time it happened or how it came to be, but things have fallen back into place again. The chaos that surrounded my life for the past couple of months is gone and things are where they should be.

What I am trying to say is, I am no longer depressed.

I noticed yesterday while I was at work, instead of being a down in the dumps nerf herder I was actively social with my customers. I actually enjoyed interacting with them for the first time in a while. It was immediately obvious that something was different.

I think it has to do with a couple of things.

The election has brought a ton of hope to a lot of people. For the first time in recent history we have a cohesive government that can get things done without having to worry about party politics. I may not agree with the democrats on everything (most of the time they piss me off almost as much as the republicans) but having one so massively ahead of the other means that when somebody wants to pass a law or get something done, it will just happen. It is going to be a great time of change for America and I hope it is change for the best.

Also, things with Olivia seem to have finally gone back to normal. We are actually able to have fun again. It was a long road to go down and a shitty one at that but the sacrifice might finally be paying off. It is a good feeling.

Financially I am still a mess for the time being, fortunately for me I don’t really care all that much. I can see my short-term financial future and it is looking good. I have been learning to manage to live on about 40 dollars a week for food and bus money. By doing this I am going to be able to start putting about 200 dollars a week into my savings/bills fund. A fund which I only pay out about 500 a month from. So, 300 a month into savings? That is a very good thing. If I can just keep that up for about 6 months I will have the money to finally make things happen.

Yeah… not a lot else is new. Unless you all want to come out for Skory-oke tonight. 😀

Peace out.

Election day…

Go out and vote peoples, even if your vote doesn’t really count because we don’t really have a democracy in the end. At least you can say you tried to express your opinion.

I will be voting today, because that is just how I roll.


Made some scalloped potatoes last night, they rocked, I need to go clean up the mess now before I start my day. Peace out yall!

Money Woes..

There is not an ounce of logical thinking when it comes to banks.

I try to be careful with my spending because I know if I go over I am facing hundreds of dollars in overdraft charges. The last time I spent money on my account I had 15 dollars in it, I spent twelve and haven’t touched my debit card in weeks. I have cashed a check since then with no problem. Yet today when I tried to cash another check I was somehow in the hole. They said that when I spent 12.71 two weeks ago I only had an even 12 in my account, so they just recently decided to take more money out to fuck me.

Is there a bank that runs on computers so that transactions may show up quicker than two weeks? I mean they show up, but then they are removed and re-added a few times until your account is empty. It is the dumbest fucking bullshit ever.

As a result I am going back to paying cash for everything from now on, I am tired of banks being cock-whores who can’t use a computer to save their lives. With the billions of dollars you have and are now getting from us taxpayers banks, upgrade to at least 1970s technology and by a computer. Fucktards.

Also, I forgot to clock out one day last week and now my paycheck is 50-70 dollars lighter than it should be. Gar.

Hopefully I get that cleared up before next Friday, or else I am eating only potatoes until then. Go America!

Happy Halloween

I am pretty sick, it sucks. I am pretty sure this is the first stage to my eventual decline into full zombie-nitis. In any case, my sinus’ have cleared up and now I am loosing my voice/coughing up a massive amount of flem. w00t!

But how is my life lately? Pretty good.

Olivia is now officially living with us, which is good and bad all at once. Good in the fact that I get to see her a lot and cuddle with her every night when i drift off to sleep. Bad in the way that I now have absolutely zero personal space in my life.

Work has been going fine, I think I am going to keep my job for a little while at least. Tami and Doug have been fighting like ex-lovers lately and I feel like the bastard child stuck in-between.

The film selection committee for the East Lansing Film Festival has been going good, I reviewed my first batch and picked up 10 more. There are a lot of duds being filtered out but I think we are going to have a good show this year. I love the film festival.

Hmmm… what else. I don’t know, I just woke up. I will post something else later perhaps. Off to cough up a lung, away!

The Drew Show, Part 2

I have made every attempt to ignore the existence of my ex-best friend/existential warrior Drew.

It seems that every time he does something funny I of course hear about it. So I have decided to stop fighting it. Our messiah friend will be a part of my life whether I like him to be or not.

So this morning I got a very hilarious voicemail forwarded to me from Kim. I guess Drew has recently gained the ability to see how people die, and he let Kim know how I was going to go.

In about a year, there will be a zombie outbreak on earth. I will be the very first person to die in this outbreak! That is pretty amazing news to me. Even if a zombie outbreak did happen, which it won’t, I am pretty sure I would end up being a long-term survivor. Even if I was the first to die, that would be a pretty sweet way to go. How many people can say they were the FIRST person to die from a zombie attack, just one, and that is me 😀

I have noticed a trend with Drew though, all of his visions coincide with movies and pop-culture. Which is funny. Here is the list that I know of.

He has an aphid in his head giving him orders, as in the movie Bug.

He believes in a multi-dimensional universe in the way of the show Sliders.

Angels talk to him at night, they have the voices of Ninja Turtles.

There will be a zombie outbreak on earth, countless movies tackle this issue.

Seems there are some I am missing here, but who knows. Drew is in my life now and about once a day I get a nice slice of humor thrown my way from his direction. It saddens me a bit to see him so far gone, but at the same time he would never feel bad for anyone else so nobody should really feel bad for him, mental disorder or not.

(Oh, and if you have sprint, I would love to forward that voicemail to you. 😀 )

Paint Comic

Maybe not the greatest artistic acheivement of all time, and one I have done a few times before but I actually have new Paint Comics posted at PaintComic.com. The site itself has also been going through a lot of changes lately, mostly in the fact that it actually works without any broken links.

It has been about a year since I have bought my domain names and I really haven’t done anything with them since then. So I am pretty excited to finally have something other than my forums up and working. I plan to add more to PaintComic.com in the next few days. New features will include a dandy RSS feed, more in depth site credit and links to other Paint Comic related projects. Also plenty of comics will be posted soon. So yay!


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