Male Vs. Female in World of Warcraft…

Ok, so for kicks I started an alternate character in WoW today and made it a female.

I have never played a female character in the game and I wanted to give it a try. Now, I have always assumed as I thought most people did that 90% of the female characters in the game are actually men. This is probably not far from the truth, and really why should it matter if men are playing female characters? It is a “role-playing” game and the very nature of role-playing is to be someone new.

Anyway, only 7 levels in to this character I am already shocked as to how much differently the other players are treating me in-game.

It seems like most players are just assuming that I am a girl because my character is. Which kind of makes sense, it just means that all of those players are kind of ignorant, but ignorance works for some people you can become president for no other reason than being ignorant.

So here is what happened. I was playing the new race Dranei(sp?) and I really did not want to be stuck in the newbie zone for them. It is kind of lame and there are no people around. Being that I have never played this race before I did not know the quickest way out of there. So I asked in general chat if someone could kindly point me in the right direction.

Normally when I ask for help in general chat I don’t really get much of a response and I usually just turn to my guild for help. But today was different, almost immediately someone PMs me and offers to not only show me the way out of this area but to deliver me all the way to ironforge hitting all of the flight paths on the way.

Now, I could very easily find my way back to Ironforge if I wanted to, but it would be difficult with my low level status. So I take this kind gents offer and away we go.

During the course of our travels he gives me many “tips” that would surely be reserved for a newb. I found this kind of funny since I was playing a character that you can only get if you have the expansion pack and most newbs probably don’t buy an expansion pack that has content almost solely for level 60 characters. I didn’t want to be rude though, so I pretty much played along.

It was very nice getting help from someone for nothing, which I guess happens much more frequently if you are female. But I really did not like being talk to like a child who had never played the game before, which probably also happens a lot more when you are female.

This character never asked me if I was a guy or girl, and I don’t think I would have told him if he did ask, it really shouldn’t matter.

But what I learned from all this is, guy gamers just don’t think very highly of girl gamers. They think they need to hold their hands and help them along which is highly sexist.

I will put up with it when I play that character and I am going to do my best to take advantage of the silly male gamers who look down on me by taking them for all they are worth. Which I guess makes me a quasi-gaming feminist. But hey, that is what role-playing is all about right?

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