So I woke up this morning to my ever more annoying alarm clock after having a short but interesting dream.

The dream featured myself and one of my close friends, a friend who I will not name at this time.

We had just got done going on what was apparently a fantastic date. Spirits were high, laughter was in the air. We began walking into this tunnel, a tunnel which actually looks a lot like the one under the parking garage of the Ramada hotel here in Lansing.

I hate describing dreams sometime because for me dreams are a mostly emotional affair, something that I am not the greatest at putting to words.

That being said this next part was mostly a feeling.

So there we are in this tunnel, we turn to face each other and say good-bye. I give her a hug, both of us are smiling. I don’t let go right away and she follows suit. There is something all together comforting about being in her arms. After a moment we bothb laugh at our extra long hug and say our farewells.

But we don’t walk away. We try to walk away, even turning a bit and taking that first step. We stop, howeever, turning back towards each other, catching each others eyes.

A step closer again, eyes locked. The feeling is inside both of us, I can feel my heart race as I move in to kiss her. For a split second it is one of the most romantic moments I have ever had.

The kiss is a llittle more than a peck but a little less than a kiss of the french variety. Like the hug it lasts a bit longer than it should. Unlike the hug this kiss is not met with a desire for more.

In fact the kiss itself is incredibly awkward. The emotion that led up to it is almost completely dissolved as soon as our lips met.

We give each other strange looks and half smiles. Say our good byes one more time and both do a desperate stumble in opposite directions. My alarm goes off. I am awake.

I found this dream rather interesting because of how it ended. I have always been curious about my feelings for the individual in question and I feel like this dream cleared up some confusion for me. The anti-climatic ending reassured me that even though I may feel love in a romantic sense towards my friends from time to time. Action on said love will inevitably lead to failure.

It was a good dream, I love how my mind works…

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