You have no idea how frustrating it is to work at a store like Skory Autosound and not have the internet working. Not because I cannot browse facebook or chat with my friends when it is slow (though that kind of sucks too.)

Everything in our store is reliant on a stable always on connection to the internet. When we make a cash sale we log into a site to pull the customer account and enter the sale to our database. When we do a repair on a phone we have to log into the Eticket site to pull up the customers account and log our repair. When someone comes in to get speakers we go online to pull up the make of their car to see what size speakers it has and what parts we need to put new ones in. I dont even need to mention the fact that the internet is required to activate a phone.

Basically, if our internet goes down we can no longer operate. Our internet has been down for two days now. We are kind of making do. We have an air-card plugged into one computer, we have been tethring our phones to others. It is not an exact science to do the internet that way though.

Most of our cash sites and sprint sites operate in a very secure mode. Checking our IP address to make sure we are not getting on their system from an unauthorized computer. Our air-card is not authorized.

To say the least, I am frustrated.

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