That little room in Okemos…


I was so proud of this setup when I first put it up. What you see here is a folding table and chair. On the folding table is an ancient Pentium II laptop with the video connected to the widescreen monitor next to it. I was watching a TV show on Hulu only the laptop was not capable of playing video at 1680×1050 as it would just be choppy and instantly overheat. To work around this the widescreen monitor was always set to 640×480 and I just get a little bit of a blurry picture. Looked great from the bed however.

On top of the folding table is my old entertainment center. The middle shelf was removed to allow space for the computers underneath. The top TV had cable access as well as glorious PS2 gaming.

This was one of my priding moments making a little bit of space work really well.

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