Enabling Ian

This entire month I am taking 100 dollars out of each paycheck to save for a new computer. Being without a proper audio/video editing system is massively depressing. To say my computer is one of the most important things in my life might sound strange to the common person. You have to know me, my life is defined by technology. My computer is my entertainment it provides me with movies, tv, and video games. My computer is my social life. Facebook is the way I keep in contact with everyone I know, the internet is how I make new friends. My computer is my creative outlet. Creating web sites, writing, drawing, making music and movies are all things I rely on my computer for. In summary, my computer is my life. When I am without one, or when I have to depend on one that is ill-eqipped I am lost. Getting myself back up and running is more important than anything right now, it enables Ian to be Ian.

So for two weeks now I have been learning to cope with living without spending money. I already know how to eat around 5-10 dollars worth of food per week. Now I am cutting out spending money on seeing movies or drinking with friends. It really isnt so bad. I feel like the longer I do it the easier it is getting. Before long living on 40 dollars a week will not be a problem at all.

So I am thinking that this new lifestyle of living on the fringe will become more permanent. If I can manage to put aside 100 dollars a week from now on I can get a lot of things done.

The big goal after my computer is back up is to get back on the road with a car of my own. Even putting aside that much money it will still take a while to accomplish. I have to get my license back, which means paying off old tickets and going through whatever fines may have built up over the years. Then there is the act of saving for a car. I am hoping to be driving again by years end.

After that I plan to tackle my debt. The only problem I foresee with this plan will be if I loose my job. Not something I expect anytime soon, I doubt any jobs are secure these days though.

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