Lansing In Decay

On my way to work this morning I came across this old gas station being torn down. It had been closed for years but I had to take a picture before it was gone for good.

I have a memory of this place that sticks out in my mind. Not a fond memory, but an important one.

Years ago I worked for Pizza Hut, a place that has defined so much of my life. About two years into that job I became a manager and got transferred out to Okemos, a move which made me hate a job I had previously loved.

My time in Okemos was interesting to say the least. I was probably not the best manager that store had ever seen but I dont think I was the worst either.

One day I came into work and was greeted by a new general manager, one whose first order of bussiness was to fire me. This was something I neither expexted or was prepared for. It was the worst time in my life to loose my job, I was in a delicate emotional state then due to rampant drug and alcohal abuse.

I decided to walk home that day. At the time I lived near the corner of Lake Lansing and Harrison in East Lansing. It was not a short walk.

By the time I reached the corner of Grand River and Okemos, the location of this particular gas station, I really needed to vent.

I decided to vent on myself, bought me a pack of marlboro reds and smoked almost the entire pack on my way home.

Thinking back on that day is very surreal, and I remember it and think about it every time I pass this place.
09 - Lansing In Decay

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