Sitting in your car…

When I walk to the bus stop I generally walk through the center of the Frandor parking lot. Mostly because it is the most direct path to the stop.

I have been noticing something strange lately. There seems to be at any given time during the day between 5-10 people just sitting in there cars in the middle of the Frandor parking lot.

They are all dispersed throughout not in a group. The cars are almost never running and they are just sitting there.

I have seen this happen plenty of times before at Skory. We get a few customers a day who will just pull in, stop there cars and just sit in them for about 20 minutes. Usually at Skory they are on the phone at least. In Frandor they just sit. No phone, no ciggarete, just enjoying the view of Frandor from within the confines of there vehicle apparently.

I may try my whole life to figure out why people think the way that they do. The more I try to figure it out and the more I notice of the world around me. I dont think I will ever understand people.

This world is a strange place full of mystery.

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