Back Again, With Issues…

Winning is Awesome!

I tell you staying focused and keeping this site in good working order has been a battle I have been raging for literally years now. About a month ago I completely lost all data on the server due to negligence with the billing. Thankfully because I was exporting my blog to facebook, and my videos are all on youtube still I didn’t really lose anything of consequence. However I do have to go back and redo all of my tags, and the formatting on some of my newer posts. Which is sad. That will happen soon. I think. I have been out of the loop for the past month now. At first it was because I didn’t want to deal with redoing a bunch of things on this site, then I decided to let myself party for the week of Halloween and then I got sick from partying and took another week off due to that. I am feeling almost 100% again though and I think it is time to jump back onto fixing this baby back up.

Also, I really wanted to post this image.

Winning is Awesome!

After How Many Years Now?

Yeah that is me, Otacon.(Feel free to click the image to make it full size) I play Gun Game all the time because I have been working on my twitch trigger finger now for months. While I don’t play this game everyday it is still probably the one game that I play more than anything else. So I am pretty happy to finally have gotten on top of a server even if it is only one match. I recently started playing on this Death Match server a few days ago but I have been playing on it a lot in those past few days. It is usually full of people and a little faster paced than the Random Elimination server I was playing on up until now. I do feel like maybe the competition is a little easier here which may lessen my win a bit. Also you can walk through players which makes knifing and stealing levels incredibly easy. Then again, considering half of my levels are from knives maybe I am getting better at this game. I don’t really post about the games I am playing enough and i feel like I should. It is one of the biggest parts of my life especially now that I am single and hang out at home almost all of the time.

Anyway, I am going on and on here and I am sure most people that may actually read this really do not care. Look for more here soon and keep those lives happy readers!

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